Monday, October 27, 2014

recent spring dishes

spring has been chilly and wet so far this year, seems everything has been pushed back
the region has a feeling of emotional flatness, really down.

Hope the sunny skies will help!!

Hi there @1024HB  friends

Well we have been very good at posting on our site, now haven't we.... this can only mean that we are pretty useless at it eh?

But we note over 100,000 folks have been to look at it, so, we thought we would add a little freshness to update.

1, new services

Taco Tuesday... a fiesta style dining experience where the food arrives at once 25.00 per person for our normal affordable push for fine food! :)

here is a pic of the last weeks Taco Tuesaday Savoury selections

2, Opening hours have changed now..... Monday closed all week open for lunches and dinners except Sunday night

3, Sunday Brunch 25.00 per person . for the table house made granola and fresh local fruits with healthy juices and smoothies with pastries and house baked scones. a choice of several hot breakfast options and continuous pour thru hawthorne coffee , tisanes and teas.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today's special yellow brick road broadbill and snapper skin. Mousse sausage/ roasted loin with ginger and wasabi . White beet pickle with cabbage powder. Yoghurt caviar and marjoram flowers