Monday, June 4, 2012

Here's a Fun Recipe for Queens Birthday Amusement

Really is one of my favourite small appetisers

Firstlight Wagyu in Peking Wrappers with miso molé & Seaweed salad. ( Four Four )

This recipe is a brigade recipe so there are many little recipes within the final dish, as always!
To begin we are thinking of a sausage roll, so we have to form the “Sausage Mix”

500g     Wagyu Beef
1 Tsp    Ground Indonesian stick pepper
1 Tsp    Pacific salt
1 Tsp    Orcona chipotle flakes
3 Tbs    Panko crumb ( Japanese Bread Crumbs )
1          Free range egg
2 Tbs    Sake

Grind Meat coarsely with a knife, season, add all other ingredients, leave to stand 30 minutes.
Shape into batons & gently brown all sides, reserve. place batons in 275c oven 3 minutes.

Let cool and then wrap with Peking wrappers.

Peking wrappers
1cup       Flour
1/4 cup   Boiling water 25% of flour volume

Make a well in the middle of the flour, carefully add boiling water. Form to a ball, cover one hour. Oil hands and make small balls, roll thinly, paint with oil and stack. When done fry without getting colour, rest and cover.

Miso mole

This is a base sauce playing with the idea of a classic idea of a mexican molé.

2 Tbs      Red miso
100ml     Mirren
2 cup      Strong chicken stock
1            Green chile
2 Tbs      Fresh prawn chile paste ( recipe follows
1Tsp       Cacao nibs
1/2 Tsp    Cumin

Add all ingredients to a processor, when the mix is thoroughly smooth, remove and gently warm the sauce to cook out all the chile & miso.

This is the garnish for the sauce, just a tablespoon or so of this sprinkled just befor serving really lifts the flavours. In  a fresh bowl add this little tappenade


20     Large Green Sicilian olives
2       Lemons grated zest
20     Chopped caper berry
2       Spring onion
Tbs    Pine nut oil

Chop the Olives & Caperberries, add lemon zest and squeeze the juice of one lemon into the bowl, add very thinly sliced spring onions and drizzle on the Pine Nut Oil. Reserve.

Enter the wild Card, there is a little trick to the Wakame, and really leave this to last to get the best results of its texture. It will rehydrate very quickly indeed. This is the contrast to the top of the “Sausage Roll”

Wakame salad

5 strands   Dried Wakame From any good supermarket or Asian Store
2 Tsp         Toasted white sesame a couple of seconds in a pan over heat, shaking the pan all the while, when colour turns remove.
1 Tsp         Pinenut oil
1/2 Tsp      Pepper flakes

Dip Wakame into a little boiling water to soften, drain then add to a mixing bowl with all other ingredients, mix.

To assemble and serve.

Have a pre heated oven at 275c.

Slip the peking wrapped Wagyu roll into the oven on a baking paper lined tray for three minutes

Add the miso into a large flat bowl, garnish with a little tappenade to the foreground.

When the Wagyu Roll is hot, place on top of the Miso.

Gently arrange the Wakame over teh roll, serve.

Referenced recipes for this dish

Strong chicken stock.
Roast 2 carcasses of chicken bones  in butter 3-5 minutes add handful of fresh parsley & bay with thyme stalks add one cup of amontillado & cover with water boil. Reduce 8 minutes, strain.

Prawn & chile paste
 Add all at once: 200G  Whole Prawns (Shells and all )roasted with 4 orcona jalepenos,  3 cloves garlic, Tsp cumin, 5 cardamon pods & 3 Tbs turmeric coconut palm sugar & 1/2 Cup freshly chopped Coriander Herb
Add rice wine vinegar, boil and reduce rapidly ,when quite thick pass through a strainer.

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