Monday, June 4, 2012

Hard to believe that we have now been open 6 months, just whizzed by!

I am pretty happy with the way things are going, we are hoping the winter calms down a bit to focus on some points that need looking into. So difficult sometimes when everything is happening at lightning speed!

The food

As I say pretty happy, the kitchen is a little tight and small and definitely need a new range of cooking equipment. The brigade is working well and really the food is finding itself. Country Dining is a pretty open brief and it tends to be down a path of tight and loose all at the same time. Amazing growers and farmers contributing, all our beef and lamb is now coming from Ti Kouka Organic farm and really enjoying choosing my beasts and cuts with the butchers. The flavour is incredibly more delicious and somehow more as it should taste. Sophie the owner tells me that its their pasture management that seems to be key in the clarity of flavours.

Generally I think that we are probably 75 % of where I want the food to be.

Front of house is growing in confidence, again, our problem is opening to overfill everyday! So we are trimming the number inside as we really have to say goodbye to the courtyard for a couple of months, and yet, a nice sun trap on a great winter day!

One of the things I believe has to happen is changing to a standard sized table top. You see, we now realise that pushing tables together sometimes is needed :)

For those of you that have been to us, thanks and thanks for the overwhelming support of our repeat business, gratified that that is a big number of our client base. Thanks to to the team!

Lets see if I can get more time to add these brief messages.

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