Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kym Hamilton says nice things on HBfoodies

We went to the other day and had an awesome lunch. We started with a willy wonka inspired sushi ninja plate with pink and white striped beetroot, a wonderful dashi? broth with noodles, orange roughy? and a generous helping of salmon caviar and some vegetarian sushi rolls - very pretty and tasty. up next was a mushroom dish that was like a spicy mushroom springroll with delicious lentils and a side of quinoa and candied walnut with a stripe (you know the arty chefy plate thing!) of liquorice pm the plate - yummy. finally there was a the hare and chorizo stew served on a beetroot dish - yummy, out came jacket baked potatoes with lashings of butter, the best cob of corn I have had this year with lime and paprika, and a delish fresh cos and micro green salad to share with pink peppercorns yumm again. Most of the dishes are around $15 very VERY reasonable - complimentary salad and taties a wonderful touch, the by the glass wine list, (and by the bottle one) celebrates Hawkes bay/east coast wine. as an after..hubby could not resist dessert - a prune and armangac hand churned icebream with a pavlova stuffed with a custard, a mini doughnut, chantilly cream with a cherry sauce, cherries and a sugar basket - he said it was the best non choc dessert he has ever had! Looking forward to cooking classes with kent and have about 6 people keyed up already