Thursday, December 6, 2012

november sessions

hawkes bay morel foraged

diver paua limes

rawist cous cous sald

smoked pork and kraut

fish layup

apsaragus and feta walnut caramel


diver crayfish tequila volcano

koura quesadilla


garden salad

coconut sugar roasted salmon

cumquat and orange with wasabi pebbles

lamb taco

Friday, August 3, 2012


Sam Baddeley in front ( the terminator ) sous, luke mcleod ( giant hobbit ) at back , pastry, florian de Vries , right, ( Olf) apprentice

Koura black bean dumplings

Rainy day food

It's been raining for days the mind of the pastry man luke mcleod goes on holiday

Scotch egg with elderflower champagne

Limoncello semi fredo

Bridge pa limited edition. 500 bottles only

John dory Paua sausage

Salmon roasted low tide sauce

Koura truffle egg Ti Kouka beef

Friday, June 15, 2012

Winter snap

It's cold, but it's sunny most the time, fresh Autumn days. The Dolce Vista sessions are coming to a close. What delicious and interesting wines these are. Gary Woods doing an amazing job. Also allowed us to get a little themed with such a great brand name. We enjoyed the perspective of an Italian born in Pakowhaishire!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Here's a Fun Recipe for Queens Birthday Amusement

Really is one of my favourite small appetisers

Firstlight Wagyu in Peking Wrappers with miso molé & Seaweed salad. ( Four Four )

This recipe is a brigade recipe so there are many little recipes within the final dish, as always!
To begin we are thinking of a sausage roll, so we have to form the “Sausage Mix”

500g     Wagyu Beef
1 Tsp    Ground Indonesian stick pepper
1 Tsp    Pacific salt
1 Tsp    Orcona chipotle flakes
3 Tbs    Panko crumb ( Japanese Bread Crumbs )
1          Free range egg
2 Tbs    Sake

Grind Meat coarsely with a knife, season, add all other ingredients, leave to stand 30 minutes.
Shape into batons & gently brown all sides, reserve. place batons in 275c oven 3 minutes.

Let cool and then wrap with Peking wrappers.

Peking wrappers
1cup       Flour
1/4 cup   Boiling water 25% of flour volume

Make a well in the middle of the flour, carefully add boiling water. Form to a ball, cover one hour. Oil hands and make small balls, roll thinly, paint with oil and stack. When done fry without getting colour, rest and cover.

Miso mole

This is a base sauce playing with the idea of a classic idea of a mexican molé.

2 Tbs      Red miso
100ml     Mirren
2 cup      Strong chicken stock
1            Green chile
2 Tbs      Fresh prawn chile paste ( recipe follows
1Tsp       Cacao nibs
1/2 Tsp    Cumin

Add all ingredients to a processor, when the mix is thoroughly smooth, remove and gently warm the sauce to cook out all the chile & miso.

This is the garnish for the sauce, just a tablespoon or so of this sprinkled just befor serving really lifts the flavours. In  a fresh bowl add this little tappenade


20     Large Green Sicilian olives
2       Lemons grated zest
20     Chopped caper berry
2       Spring onion
Tbs    Pine nut oil

Chop the Olives & Caperberries, add lemon zest and squeeze the juice of one lemon into the bowl, add very thinly sliced spring onions and drizzle on the Pine Nut Oil. Reserve.

Enter the wild Card, there is a little trick to the Wakame, and really leave this to last to get the best results of its texture. It will rehydrate very quickly indeed. This is the contrast to the top of the “Sausage Roll”

Wakame salad

5 strands   Dried Wakame From any good supermarket or Asian Store
2 Tsp         Toasted white sesame a couple of seconds in a pan over heat, shaking the pan all the while, when colour turns remove.
1 Tsp         Pinenut oil
1/2 Tsp      Pepper flakes

Dip Wakame into a little boiling water to soften, drain then add to a mixing bowl with all other ingredients, mix.

To assemble and serve.

Have a pre heated oven at 275c.

Slip the peking wrapped Wagyu roll into the oven on a baking paper lined tray for three minutes

Add the miso into a large flat bowl, garnish with a little tappenade to the foreground.

When the Wagyu Roll is hot, place on top of the Miso.

Gently arrange the Wakame over teh roll, serve.

Referenced recipes for this dish

Strong chicken stock.
Roast 2 carcasses of chicken bones  in butter 3-5 minutes add handful of fresh parsley & bay with thyme stalks add one cup of amontillado & cover with water boil. Reduce 8 minutes, strain.

Prawn & chile paste
 Add all at once: 200G  Whole Prawns (Shells and all )roasted with 4 orcona jalepenos,  3 cloves garlic, Tsp cumin, 5 cardamon pods & 3 Tbs turmeric coconut palm sugar & 1/2 Cup freshly chopped Coriander Herb
Add rice wine vinegar, boil and reduce rapidly ,when quite thick pass through a strainer.

Gluten free dessert alternatives with Almond Meal

A great combination of very new season valencia oranges from my "orchard" and grand marnier.
Many techniques involved , but the little almond meal and orange cakes are light, fluffy and absolutely delicious :)

View From my wall-less kitchen to the dining room

Hard to believe that we have now been open 6 months, just whizzed by!

I am pretty happy with the way things are going, we are hoping the winter calms down a bit to focus on some points that need looking into. So difficult sometimes when everything is happening at lightning speed!

The food

As I say pretty happy, the kitchen is a little tight and small and definitely need a new range of cooking equipment. The brigade is working well and really the food is finding itself. Country Dining is a pretty open brief and it tends to be down a path of tight and loose all at the same time. Amazing growers and farmers contributing, all our beef and lamb is now coming from Ti Kouka Organic farm and really enjoying choosing my beasts and cuts with the butchers. The flavour is incredibly more delicious and somehow more as it should taste. Sophie the owner tells me that its their pasture management that seems to be key in the clarity of flavours.

Generally I think that we are probably 75 % of where I want the food to be.

Front of house is growing in confidence, again, our problem is opening to overfill everyday! So we are trimming the number inside as we really have to say goodbye to the courtyard for a couple of months, and yet, a nice sun trap on a great winter day!

One of the things I believe has to happen is changing to a standard sized table top. You see, we now realise that pushing tables together sometimes is needed :)

For those of you that have been to us, thanks and thanks for the overwhelming support of our repeat business, gratified that that is a big number of our client base. Thanks to to the team!

Lets see if I can get more time to add these brief messages.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Nice words from our friends at Restaurant Indonesia on Marine Parade Napier, thanks guys!

  • Thanks guys & girls for yet another FANtastic lunch. We introduced someone new and this American friend was very impressed as well. What a great format, what a fantastic dishes, great wine list and this all at very affordable - dare I say 'cheap' - price level. Service great as well. Thanks for the business cards and I definitely will spread the word. Will need some more very very soon!!! Will be back soon with a family member coming over from Holland. Keep the good work going... Cheers from Joss & Kees
Monday I had natural oysters the lamb dish abit of the duck dish the pork dish the flat fish the cheeses and a bottle of clearview chardonnay and 2 bottles of Claret - The best lunch ever. BRB this week for ditto above....And I'm voting for this place twice for the hb hospo awards..Amen
Thanks Kat for the generous support :)

Hospo Awards

Congratulations Ten Twenty Four - two finalist placing in the HB Hospo Awards!! Outstanding Chef and Restaurant! Don't forget to vote
WELCOME TO FOOD HAWKE'S BAY Grown in New Zealand's unique food and wine region, by producers driven by a passion for quality, and made with an uncompromised

On Saturday the 21st April, we dined at Ten Twenty Four for lunch.
My husband had the Rabbit dish, I had the duck. Absolutely amazing food! the wine was so well matched, the service was great - attentive staff, very well presented dishes and the array of flavours on the plate were just fantastic.
We had our wedding reception at Hettinga 4 years ago and i must say - its looking much better now, you've really opened the place up. We've really raved to all our friends !!! highly recommended :) we will be back. 
Thanks Amanda for your nice words, we look forward to seeing you real soon :)

Finalists announced - HB Hospo Heroes...

Once again the industry have spoken with finalists being announced for the Hawke’s Bay Hospitality Awards for 2012.

Following a successful formula used in other regions around the country, the Hawke’s Bay Hospitality Awards is about honouring the heroes, the awards serve to promote excellence in hospitality and the chance for the industry to celebrate together and recognise their own.  We believe that the benefits of a peer recognition awards programme that celebrates dedication and excellence would not only draw our industry closer but also raise aspirations and performance.

“We have made a few interesting changes in the criteria and the categories, introducing a few new ones, the response to the refresh has been great, like the industry, we need to keep things moving and current”, Vicky Rope, Event Organiser Food Hawke’s Bay says.  “Ethnic Restaurant, Wine and Beverage List and Outstanding ‘Local’ were all popular choices to nominate in, it will be interesting to see the results!”

The industry are now asked to vote for one of the four finalists in each category and the person or establishment that receives the most votes in their category will be announced as the winner at the awards ceremony held at the Hawke’s Bay Opera House in Hastings followed by an afterparty at level 1 on Monday 21st May 2012.

The 2012 finalists are:
Orton Catering Outstanding Winery Experience
Moana Park Winery
Clearview Estate Winery
Black Barn Vineyard
Mission Estate

Grande Gourmet Outstanding Restaurant
Fox on the Quay
Ten Twenty Four
Milk & Honey

Simply Squeezed Outstanding Café Experience
Opera Kitchen
Tuki Kitchen
At E's
Taste Cornucopia

Clearview Estate Winery Restaurant Best Ambience and Style
Clearview Estate Winery Restaurant
Elephant Hill Restaurant
Deliciosa Tapas & Wine Room

Steinlager Pure Outstanding Establishment
Shed 2
Rose & Shamrock
Diva Bistro & Bar
Deliciosa Tapas & Wine Room

Food Hawke’s Bay Outstanding Chef
Andy Glover, Tuki Kitchen
Jeremy Rameka, Pacifica
Kent Baddeley, Ten Twenty Four
James Beck, Taste Cornucopia

Toops Outstanding Ethnic Restaurant
Sri Thai
Restaurant Indonesia
Master of India
Starlake Restaurant

Regal Marlborough Salmon Emerging Chef
Adam Lambert, Pacifica
Simon Ward, Shed 2
Birgit Gerding, Milk & Honey
Graeme Miles, Mission Restaurant

Sacred Hill Outstanding Sales Rep/Supplier
Lisa Clarke, Clearview Estate Winery
Jane Lobb, Pernod Ricard Ltd
David Thompson, Grande Gourmet
Pip Harrison, Liquor King Napier

GEON Outstanding Barista
Al Borrie, Box Espresso Bar
Ted Simpson, Opera Kitchen
Zoe Chisholm, Hawthorne Coffee Roasters
Campbell Gasson, Milk & Honey

EIT Outstanding Front of House Team
Deliciosa Tapas & Wine Room
Milk & Honey
Mission Restaurant

VJ Distributors Outstanding Local
Rose & Shamrock
Deliciosa Tapas & Wine Room
Westshore Inn

Eftpos Specialists Outstanding Front of House Personality
Rebecca Rameka, Pacifica
Sarah Watson, Deliciosa Tapas & Wine Room
Sean Burns, Milk & Honey
EJ, Mission Restaurant

Restaurant Association Outstanding Winery Restaurant
Black Barn Bistro,
Clearview Estate Winery Restaurant
Elephant Hill Restaurant
Terroir at Craggy Range

Dhall & Nash Outstanding Wine & Beverage List
The Old Church,
Deliciosa Tapas & Wine Room
Milk & Honey