Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Koura Salad with Cos Mille Feuille & Garlic Ciabatta croutons

Summer Brulee Pudding

Summer Pudding Brulee with Berry Terrine
Raspberries, Strawberries & Blueberries are macerated with passion syrup & Grand Marnier. They then have a layer of toasted nut marshmallow & passion cream then topped with vanilla brulee & torched
A simple Anglaise and caramel for the sauce transfer. Served here with a summer berry terrine, picking up Passion notes

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Retro priced menus at 1024

all daily dishes 15.00! Local east coast sourced foods.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Had my mates from KBM have a look at the gear. The electrics on the back wall are illegal, fix that. Had them look at the walk in chiller, no insulated Chiller walls and no insulation on all the pipes etc up top, so, total frosting, Door wasnt installed properly etc etc....I think we need to amend the purchase price.....

Glass washer & Dish Washer both needed repair and sorting out 800.00 !

Playing with instagram on my iphone, almost expecting Clint Eastwood to come strolling out.

It really isnt Western food though.

This the beginning of the "Shop" where our breads, baked goods, sauces, garnishes and grown items will be able to be purchased, tshirts etc.

The tables have been ground with belt sanders, there are placemats and napkins cutlery and we are ready to go country!

Monday Update!

So, we are still waiting for the eftpos to be activated and we are away, we are not sure when that is??

Conclusion, a silly time to open an eatery, its been fun though, and great to get the guys back together.

Paul Maberly ( Pettit Lyon Vivian Street, Pablos Kitchen, Friday Night Dinner Box etc) takes the senior Line role of Saucier / Rotisseur / Grillardin position. Peter Pan from Japan ( Sugawara ) will cover a modified Entremetier position and handle all IT and accounts ( Poor Bugger ) . My Peanut head young buddy, Luke McLeod will be handling all the little things that I need and assist on the line and set ups ( Plus, nail all dishes etc. LG ( Sam Neumegan ) returns, (he was cooking as a young man out of tech with us at Diva ) Just passed his Honours at food tech and graduates, helping us through the opening and will get the P√Ętissier section rolling... Yup.... I will assume the front with all the cold sections and plating / calling duties whilst also being the Maitre D ! I also had a note from my star apprentice of the 80's who wants to come home for a while, hes been in Vail Co. for ten years or more. As he said, he wants to come back to his roots. I am thrilled and delighted he wants to get into the kitchen with us. So, as usual a bevy of Petit Lyon cooks, no front of house.

This restaurant is aiming for really fresh uncomplicated dishes and extremely clean flavours. Whilst we are approaching a small dishes concept as we would like to focus on the lunch trade, there are really good options on the grill with some amazing beef from Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay

Looking to really focus on quality of the three regions we are claiming. Poverty Bay, my birth place, Hawkes Bay, where I now live and Martinborough, where I have worked and played for the last 20 years!

We are getting bookings although we have only just got the phones and have been playing a very coy, until we know of a go date! Frustrating, and the budget is now tapped, we did an ok job really on the spend, we will take probably nearly a year to evolve into what we want to be. The principal growing season of our prime season will be almost missed this year, but we are picking and preserving from the orchard and these items will be available in the shop :)

In terms of the concept of country dining I have taken a huge gamble on the crystal I ordered an dit will be interesting to field some complaints from those that probably wont share my opinion. I just loved them and the idea of nanas table was beguiling. I also hope that the space and airy feelings that we were trying to create in teh main rooms, will be appreciated, I have yet to see folks sitting at a table, so difficult to really get the "vibe"

Working through building the kitchen Mis en place from scratch, bring up all the little items that we forget, Marshmallow, meringue, stocks, sauces, custard etc. All the slow cooking will begin tomorrow because a lot of these items take 48 hours to be ready, its a punt the eftpos machines will be activated..... what a nonsense position to be in.....

The dishes , well , I believe they have a great summer feel, and the courtyard whilst not yet at its green best will see dishes that match the outdoors, if you know what I mean ;)

See you there!